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  • COMFORT - These Shrug Boleros for Women are composed of 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex thereby forming a high quality and comfortable top which you will love and wear - forever! Perfect for comfortable, classy wear. Enjoy wearing a flattering, feminine, and sexy shrug without sacrificing comfort.
  • MADE IN USA - Made with utmost pride, satisfaction, and pleasure in the USA to ensure you the utmost in quality, comfort, and durability. When you order these shrugs, you can order them calmly and excitedly, knowing that you are getting a product of perfection, knowing this was manufactured with You in mind, by fellow Americans. These cardigan shrugs are very durable and resistant to most chemicals, stretching, shrinking, and wrinkling.
  • SIZING - Please refer to the sizing information in the description below to ensure you the utmost satisfaction possible with this product. Our size charts are the most accurate possible to assure you the certainty you deserve when ordering a product, thereby Simlu takes away the uncertainty from ordering clothing online. The Simlu Long Sleeve Boleros for Women flatter any figure with a slimming effect and form flattering cut.
  • COLOR VARIETY - Simlu has a goal which is to provide our customers we so love, products they can, and do love. Our wide variety of colors allow you to find the one color you truly love. Choose the colors that strike your fancy the most! With every wear feel the rush of confidence and comfort, for it is quality, comfort, and style that define The Simlu Experience.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Concerned about sizing? No worries, all our products are fulfilled by Amazon and therefore eligible for free returns if the sizing is not what you expected. Enjoy your absolutely RISK FREE purchase for this special price today.
Small: ( US 2-4 )
Shoulder Width - 14.5", Sleeve Length - 23.5", Sleeve Opening - 4", Body Length - 10.5"
Medium: ( US 6-8 )  
Shoulder Width - 15.5", Sleeve Length - 24", Sleeve Opening - 4.25", Body Length - 11"
Large: ( US 10-12 )
Shoulder Width - 16.5", Sleeve Length - 24.25", Sleeve Opening - 4.5", Body Length - 11.5"

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These Bolero Jackets for Women symbolize fashion and style. The fitted, tapered look has a slimming effect. Composed of the 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex for durable and comfortable wear; these boleros for women are super stylish and come in a variety of colors to choose from. They are trendy, pretty, and comfortable, which makes these womens shrugs form a true fashion statement, while leaving you with the maximum comfort possible. These soft long sleeve shrugs for women offer a comfortable, stylish look for women who want to look good and feel comfortable at the same time.

Simlu Womens Long Sleeve Bolero Shrugs

These Shrug Boleros for Women are cool, comfortable thongs with a casual, yet classy, look. They are affordable, pretty shrugs for women who love themselves. Enjoy these shrugs with a sleeveless tank top, evening wear or anything in between, to achieve the look you want today! These womens cardigan boleros are a classic, and will never become old-fashioned. You are going to love and use these for years!

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